Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

Saturday May 29th 2021

The day began cloudy which allowed the temperature to climb slowly. It looked like the forecast afternoon storms were not going to happen and the temperature would peak in the mid to high eighties. Around 1:30 everything changed. The sun came out and the temperature started to climb quickly. Late in the afternoon a line of thunderstorms passed through from west to east. Since the storm passed there hasn’t been any breeze. The humidity is thick enough to cut with a saw.

Blossom of the day.

This is the first Memorial Day Weekend I’ve spent in a campground with a party atmosphere it several years. Last year I was in the Arizona desert surrounded by Saguaro Cactus. Between the heat and the pandemic the Picacho Peak State park was not full. It was a quiet place to spend the holiday weekend.

In 2019 I was at an RV park behind a casino west of Albuquerque New Mexico. There was a big car show in the casino parking lot. Many of the guests in the RV park were there for the car show and others for the casino. It was mostly adults and it was not the family party atmosphere that I’m surround with this year.

I was at a big party of a different sort in 2018. The Escapees RV group annual Escapade RV gathering was at the Sedalia Missouri Fair grounds for the holiday weekend and the following week. The RV rally experience completely dwarfs the holiday revelry.

In 2017 I hid out from the Holiday in the middle of Idaho. The campground catered mostly to visitors to the Craters of the Moon National Monument and hikers. It was a nice weekend, but it would be difficult to distinguish my stay from any other weekend. I returned to the campground for a couple of nights in 2019 and had a very similar nice experience.

My first Memorial Day in my RV home was in western Massachusetts in 2016. I recall that the campground was busy, but nothing else special was going on. My focus at the time was on cleaning out my Sticks and Bricks house to get it on the market, so I wasn’t at the campground a lot of the time.

Sometime around 2010 plus or minus a year or two is probably my last experience in a busy campground over the Memorial Day weekend. For a number of years in the early part of this century I was at the KOA in Middleboro MA for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. I was one of the weekend camping warriors just like many of my neighbors here this weekend.

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