Another Rainy Travel Day

Thursday May 13th 2021

As has been the case recently it was a wet travel day. All morning long as I got ready to travel it rained lightly. Near the noon checkout as I was hooking up the car the light rain turned heavy. I was more than a little damp at the start of my journey.

The rain didn’t last long as I drove inland. Most of my hour and a half journey to Starke was in dry conditions. Other than the first few miles the entire trip was on state highways. When I arrived at the Starke Gainesville KOA it was apparent that the cold front had passed through. It was cold. During the rain in St. Augustine the temperature wasn’t too cool. During the mid afternoon in Starke it was barely over sixty degrees. Yesterday afternoon was around ninety. Today was thirty degrees cooler.

Site 33 at the Starke Gainesville KOA.

I’ll be here for eleven nights before I move on to catch up with the reservations I made for the Memorial Day holiday. This location is a compromise. A better location at one of the state parks was only available Sunday to Friday next week. If I took that reservation I would have had to move two more times and find two other places to stay. This is a nice campground. The only issue I have is the travel distance to the interesting things to do. This is my second stay here this year. The last time was at the end of February. There were a lot more people here then.

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