Last Day in the St. Augustine Area

Wednesday May 12th 2021

The day began very sunny with very little breeze allowing the temperature to climb fast. It was around 90 degrees by mid afternoon when the thunderstorms arrived in the area. The worst of the storms were to the north of this location, but there was a good hour of wet weather.

I didn’t leave the RV park today. My car gas tank is only about a quarter full. The shutdown pipe line from Texas up the east coast has caused a run on gas in this area. Officials say that there is enough gas to go around if people followed there normal patterns, but that’s a level of trust it is hard to muster. The lines at the gas stations has resulted in many stations running out of gas. I decided not to push my luck and save the gas I have for important activities. The pipeline was re-energized this afternoon and the backlog should be cleared by the weekend.

I saw this combination of equipment getting ready to depart this morning. The forty foot motorhome is pulling a boat trailer. Mounted to the tow bar for the boat trailer is a platform for a Smart car. Launching the boat must be interesting

This is my last full day in the St. Augustine area. I’m moving about sixty miles inland tomorrow. I have enough gas in the motorhome to make that move. As usual, I got many of the outside tasks completed this afternoon before the showers arrived. The pattern of moving on a rainy day seems to have returned. A cold front is passing through overnight and tomorrow is forecast to be a rainy day.

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