Another Visit to Port Canaveral

Thursday April 29th 2021

Last night as I was getting ready for bed I had the opportunity to watch out the window the latest SpaceX launch. The Falcon 9 booster lifted another sixty small internet relay satellites into orbit. I’ve seen a number of launches from outside view points, but this was the first one that I watched from inside. Somehow the fact that I was watching from my RV home made the sight all the more spectacular. It was like the launch came to me rather than my having to go to it.

This afternoon I took another trip to Port Canaveral. I thought I might see the expended booster coming back into port on the landing barge. It was probably too soon. The area of the port that I saw the last booster on my Monday visit was empty. I spent a couple of hours wandering around and sitting in the shade watching the water from the Cove restaurant and entertainment area of the port. I might have stayed longer if I had a more comfortable seat. The lack of a back rest on the bench I was sitting on started to get to me.

Azalea lined path from the parking area to port.

It was a sunny, humid and warm day in the eighties. Once again the breeze off the ocean kept the temperature down. Watching various types of vessels moving around the port was a pleasant way to spend some time. Between boats I watched the fishermen trying to catch Spanish Mackerel while avoiding the interest of the pelicans. The birds seem to think a fish on the line is fair game. The pelicans went without any fish from the fishermen today, but the fishermen didn’t catch anything either.

I headed back to my RV home a little before 3PM. Checking the port webcam this evening I saw the Disney Dream cruise ship at its terminal. If I had hung around another hour and a half, I’d of been able to watch the ship arrive. The maritime traffic web site reports that it arrived around 4:30pm. Likely it will be gone in the morning. The cruise ships seem to come in just long enough to take on supplies and rotate crew members.

The campground is busy tonight. There were empty spaces earlier in the week, but tonight it seems to be full or close to it. Some of tonight’s residents will probably be here for the weekend, but I’m sure there will be turnover in the morning.

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