A Slow Wednesday

Wednesday April 28th 2021

I don’t have a lot to write about in this blog entry. My desire to maintain a regular commentary with recollections of my Rambling Road Trip compels me to write a few words. Once again this entry will be more about the weather and grocery shopping than anything exciting.

A discussion about today’s weather is really only worth about one sentence. It was a beautiful day with a nice sea breeze that kept the high temperature in the low eighties.

Today’s activity was focused on the chores of life. I did some cleaning around the Rv for a while before venturing out of the RV park. My destination was the Walmart about ten miles away in Titusville. My quick consumable groceries like bread, milk and orange juice were in need of replenishment. Last year at this time, during the stay at home period, I would have just raided my freezer and made other things stretch. I’m back to a pattern of grocery shopping at least once a week.

I’m not sure if it is Walmart in general, or just this one, but the signs requiring masks are missing from the entrance area. An employee was still wiping down the carts and appeared to be counting capacity. Most everybody was still wearing a mask in the store. This is consistent with public opinion and local government action in the area. People are clamoring for lifting county mask mandates and government officials are trying to be very cautious. In the last couple of days three of the area counties have established gradual approaches to lifting mask requirements that correspond to lower virus positivity rates and increased vaccination levels. That along with the stepped up information campaign to get people vaccinated seems to be the way for the next few weeks. Let’s hope we are on the path back toward a more normal flow of life.

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