Got My Second COVID Shot

Monday April 19th 2021

The rain arrived during the night. A strong line of thunderstorms moved across this area from west to east about 2AM. I think it continued to rain off an on for the remainder of the overnight hours. This morning it was mostly cloudy, but it was clear the rain wasn’t over. At least one more line of storms passed through the area during the day. Tomorrow has more rain in the forecast. If it is intermittent like today I’ll be happy, but I fear it is going to be more of a continuous event.

Today was the event I’ve been hanging around central Florida to complete. It was the day for my second Pfizer COVID shot. Shortly after noon I began the drive to the FEMA hosted mass vaccination site at Valencia College on the west side of Orlando. It is about 25 miles from my campsite in Davenport. The trip east on Interstate 4 is through the resort corridor with access to all the area theme parks. Traffic was heavy and the weather was threatening.

The FEMA mass vaccination site in Orange County in the rain. They are only giving out 2nd doses today.

The vaccination site was not very busy. The suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine reduced the facility to only doing 2nd Pfizer shots today. Later in the week they will resume doing 1st Pfizer until they can do J&J again. They are trying to manage how long they need to stay in business. The facility was originally scheduled to close at the end of April. It is currently scheduled to close near the end of May.

After getting my temperature checked and my bar code scanned, I walked through empty tents with empty tables and empty switch back lanes until I reached the tent where the shots are administered. It took less than five minutes from the time I got out of my car until I was heading into the observation tents. The sky opened up and drenched the world outside the tents while I sat waiting to be dismissed. After the appropriate wait my bar code was scanned one last time and I was free to depart. I only got a little wet getting back to my car. I am now officially vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19.

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