Light Bulb Shopping

Sunday April 18th 2021

The forecast rain stayed to the north most of the day. Only one brief storm passed through this area in the middle of the afternoon. The area north of Daytona Beach over to Ocala has received over five inches of rain since Thursday night. The next two days are forecast to be rainy in this area.

The other night the light bulb in my table lamp died. I brought the lamp with me from my house. It is stuck to my buffet cabinet beside my dinning table and is attached to a timer. It is my primary source of light each night. Today’s mission was to buy a replacement bulb. The one that burnt out was a compact florescent. I haven’t shopped for replacement bulbs in years. Everything I found at the local Walmart was an LED bulb. That’s fine, but there are a bunch of new descriptors that I wasn’t sure about. The box described small, medium and large sockets. They also used the words cool, bright and daylight in the description. By examination it was easy to determine I wanted a medium socket, but how do you judge the brightness by the arbitrary descriptor words. I choose a Daylight bulb with the equivalent of sixty watts in the old standard of brightness. It actually only uses 8 watts of power. So far, I’m satisfied.

The campground was close to full this weekend, but it emptied out a lot this morning. I was expecting another week without nearby neighbors and a generally empty campground. When I got back from shopping this afternoon, I was surprised to see several new neighbors. New guests continued to arrive all afternoon. The campground isn’t quite as full as last night, but it is close. I’m more confused about how empty the place was last week.

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