A Visit to Celebration

Tuesday April 6th 2021

The quality of the weather continues on a positive path. Today was a few degrees warmer than yesterday with a sunny sky and very little wind. The high temperature was in the low to mid eighties.

It was a good day for a walk in the park. The park I chose to walk in was in the center of Celebration. Celebration is the master planned community developed by the Disney corporation in the 1990s and earl 2000s. It located at the southern end of World Drive. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is at the other end. The community of Celebration is filled with dense packed housing in styles ranging from old Florida to Victorian City dwellings.

The downtown area of Celebration is built on the side of a small lake. There is a foot path around the lake with lots of plants and usually a lot of wildlife. The back side of the lake is a forested area. On today’s walk I passed many bright orange flowers that I think are form of lily. The wild life wasn’t in as abundant supply. I’ve seen many more birds on previous visits. Today I saw one Little Blue Heron that flew away as I got near and one small alligator that was covered in green pond scum.

A visit to Celebration is always interesting. The tree lined roads, bicycle paths and walking trails create a very relaxing atmosphere. Today’s walk around the lake was enjoyable. As long as you stayed across the street from the restaurants and shops it was easy to maintain social distancing, so masks weren’t needed. Mine was in my pocket the whole time. The only folks along the trail with masks were sitting at one of the benches.

On my way back to my RV home I passed through some of the Disney World area. Traffic is still very manageable compared to a non pandemic year. There were many more Disney buses running between the resorts and attractions today than there were when I was here in December. More of the Disney resorts are open now and the capacity of the theme parks is higher than it was in early December.

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