A Day of Random Activities

Monday April 5th 2021

Today was filled with random activities. Some activities were fun, some were productive and others were pointless. All together they filled the day.

The inside temperature was ten degrees warmer than the last couple of mornings when I got up. With the temperature in the sixties I was able to enjoy breakfast as the inside of the rig warmed up. Breakfast goes in the fun and productive columns.

Next up was a pointless activity. I went in search of a hiking trail at the Hilochee Wildlife management area. The google maps view and the web page made it look interesting. With general directions, I set off to find the trail head shortly before noon. I didn’t have specific street names, but I assumed I’d find a directional sign or two. That assumption is what made this into a pointless activity. I never found any signs or other indicators to direct me. The outing turned into a driving session around the area south and west of Clermont. I saw some interesting sights, but it didn’t raise the activity from pointless to fun or productive.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Back at the Lake Louisa State Park I stopped at one of the trail heads between the entrance and the campground that I hadn’t hiked in the past. Along the trail I found many little prickly pear cacti in bloom. It reminded me of last spring in the Arizona desert. There was also a pond surround by some wetlands which contained a solitary egret in search of lunch. This unplanned activity goes in the fun column.

When I got back to my RV home a couple of productive tasks filled the remainder of the afternoon. The biggest activity was another pass at catching up on my backlog of laundry. I got another load of laundry trough the washer and dryer. My drawers and closet are looking full again. The hamper and laundry bag are empty for a change. I also managed to cook and eat another meal while the laundry was doing its thing.

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