A Day at Home in the Campground

Thursday March 25th 2021

It was a nice hot day in the greater Fort Myers area. The temperature is flirting with record highs. The temperature was already in the seventies when I got up and by late afternoon the high was in the low nineties.

Probably because of the heat, I didn’t do much today. I stayed around my RV home all day. My only real activity was three walks around the campground. On one of the walks I saw a new form of entertainment. I’ve often commented on watching people get into their sites and setup. Today I saw a variation on that theme. This park has eight boat slips for cruisers on the river. Watching a couple trying to maneuver their big boat into the narrow slip was nerve wracking. The next slip was empty so they had a little more room to play with. It may have been routine for them, but it sure looked tricky to me.

Boat slips at the campground.

I also got to see my neighbors two dogs use the elaborate doggy door setup they have for them. They leave a small front outside access door open with a ramp to the ground. The ground area is surrounded by a three foot tall wire fence. This morning I saw two little Boston Terriers in the hatch watching the world go by. One of them finally proceeded down the ramp to the fenced in yard. The other went back into the trailer. I’ve seen similar setups in the past for cats.

Doggy door and exercise area.

It has cooled off a little inside my RV home as I’ve been writing this blog entry. It is currently 85 inside and in the high seventies outside. I think I’ll have to breakdown and turn the AC on to get things down to sleeping temperatures.

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