Prairie Pines Preserve

Wednesday March 24th 2021

It was another beautiful weather day. The humidity is still low and the temperature has climbed each day since the weekend. Today the temperature peaked in the mid eighties which is average to a little above for this area. There is the possibility of record highs in the nineties by the weekend.

Wildflower blossom of the day,

For adventure today I visited the Prairie Pines Preserve county park in North Fort Myers. This 2,654 acres of pines, palms and various hardwoods has over seventeen miles of trails. I walked a short paved loop trail with placards describing the plant life and a bird blind looking out into a dry marsh area. This is the dry season in Florida. There isn’t any water in the marsh or most anywhere else in the preserve.

To get a better understanding of the park, I hiked into the depth of the park on another trail. This was a wide pine needle and sand covered trail. It was a mixed use trail. People share the trail with horses. I didn’t see any, but they left plenty of calling cards along the way. You needed to be careful where you stepped. A mile and an eight tenths back into the park the trail crosses a power line and a drainage canal with the only water I saw in the park. A network of other trails branch out after crossing the power line and canal. I went a little further before turning around convinced that the scenery wasn’t going to change.

Rabbit at the campground this evening.

I got some good exercise, but didn’t see any wildlife of note. I saw a few common birds like a cardinal, and a few colorful wildflowers. I’d like to visit the park again during the wetter part of the year. The park was only moderately busy for a mid week day. I crossed paths with a few other people on the trail getting some exercise.

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