Where did all the traffic come from?

Friday March 12th 2021

Today’s weather was just a little better than Thursday. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with less wind. I decided it was a beach day.

After a leisurely breakfast, I set out to visit the Gulf of Mexico. Anna Maria Island is located about 25 miles to the west of my RV home. Traffic was heavy heading into the city of Bradenton, but it kept moving. On the other side of the city center traffic got slower with each passing mile. When the road narrowed to a single lane, the traffic became stop and go.

There goes Peter Cotton Tail hopping down the bunny trail.

After crossing the first causeway I stopped to search for a trail. I knew from a little map research that a trail into the Robinson Preserve Park started along the highway. I found a trail that looked promising at the start. A few hundred feet into the brush it became less likely, but I continued to follow it. The trail turned out to dead end the edge of the water. It appeared to be someones favorite fishing hole. Along the way back I spotted several side trails that ended at empty homeless camps.

Continuing on my slow journey toward Anna Maria Island, I passed an area that was far more likely to be the trial I was looking for. Parking wasn’t readily available and traffic continued to be my biggest concern. Exploring this trail will have to wait for another trip. The traffic speed was down to around am average 5mph, but mostly stop and go. It didn’t improve once I got onto the island. The north bound traffic was totally stopped so I turned south toward Bradenton Beach. Around the bend about 100 yards the south bound direction was stopped as well. I stuck it out until I got to the next road back inland. Close to an hour later and 2 miles I turned inland without stopping at any of the beaches. How close to normal these conditions are is a mystery to me. The media continues to say that the usual spring break crowds are not here, although the number of travelers is as high as it has been all winter.

Back at the campground this evening the park continues to fill up with weekenders. The drag strip down the street is at full volume. The weather for the weekend and the first half of next week is forecast to be warm with gradually increasing humidity.

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