Beautiful Day to Catch Up on Chores.

Thursday March 11th 2021

A little less wind and plenty of sunshine made another beautiful day. The temperature peaked a little above eighty. Tomorrow is forecast to be similar.

Blue Sky and fluffy clouds over the trail to the lake.

Today was dedicated to catching up on a lot of little chores around my RV home. The clutter after a week and a half here was in need of rearranging and the sink was starting to accumulate a few dirty dishes. I probably should have gotten the vacuum cleaner out, but I took a walk around the park and forgot about it.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

The noise pollution from the drag strip down the road a little way is increasing. There is often the loud noise associated with a revving engine and tire burns on the weekends. During this visit it has been all day every day. When I drove by the drag strip earlier in the week it looked like they were preparing for a major event. There were many trailers and motorhomes in the drag strip parking lot. Most of the time I block out the noise, but it started before I got out of bed this morning. What little wind we have is also aiding the propagation of the noise in this direction.

Armadillo at dusk.

Just like last week the campground began to transition into weekend mode today. The travelers that left this morning were replaced by RVs from Florida. Families are arriving for a weekend of fun. Sunday and Monday the park will probably transition back to hosting more travelers. I won’t know for sure since I’m moving on Monday.

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