A Day Filled with Ordinary Things

Wednesday February 24th 2021

Today was a routine day in the life type of day. It wasn’t really blog entry worthy. Even the pictures I took today are routine and uninspired. You need days like this to catch up on little things and generally recharge.

Azalea blossom.

The day began as a cool morning. The temperature was in the forties. It slowly climbed into the upper seventies by afternoon. My activity level slowly increased with the temperature. My inside chore list included a little cleaning and an attempt to fix the latch on my refrigerator. The screw hole in the plastic refrigerator trim that holds the latch has stripped. I’ve got a less than permanent solution in place for now. The real solution will be to move the latch a half an inch or so and drill new holes. I wasn’t ready for that complex a task today even if the hardest part might have been digging the drill out of my basement storage compartment.

I did take one walk around the campground. Not much has changes since yesterdays walk. The park has a number of azalea bushes that show signs of the roller coaster winter. They have a few open blossoms, but most are either gone by or still in the bud stage. I think the few very warm days followed by a night or two of very cold temperatures have really confused the plants. I think this is just about the right time of year for the azalea bushes in northern Florida to be in full bloom.

Here comes the moon.

Looking for the sunset this evening all I found was the moon high in the sky. The full moon is still a couple of nights away, but it already looks brilliant in the darkening night sky. The last two or three full moons have been obscured by the bad weather in this area. I hope the weather cooperates for this one.

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