Getting Settled In Stark

Tuesday February 23rd 2021

Today was a nice sunny day. The temperature reached a comfortable seventy degrees with only a light breeze from time to time. For a change the forecast calls for a long stretch of nice weather. The temperature will climb into the eighties without any significant chance of rain until the middle of next week.

This was a travel recovery day. Even though I traveled less than forty miles yesterday, I still had all the stress and activity associated with packing up, travel and setup. The actual driving yesterday was easy, but the rest was as complicated as usual. This morning I finished up the arrival tasks by taking the bicycle and towing gear off the car. The rest of the day was a relax and get reacquainted with the layout of this campground kind of day.

Some of the local residents stopped by to say hello.

I was last here two years ago. The park seems to be just as full as I remember. The pandemic doesn’t seem to have impacted the occupancy. Walking around the park I was trying to get a sense for any change in the type of occupants, but it seems to be very similar. The mix of long term to short term seems to be similar. The license plates on the RVs are from many different states. The only obvious missing origins are the Canadians. All winter long I’ve only seen two Canadian plates. The boarder both ways remains closed to non essential travel, but I believe you can self declare essential. However, mandatory quarantine requirements are increase every day.

Another nice change is the traffic on US route 301 in front of the campground. It used to be very noisy at all hours. A bypass route around the community of Stark has been opened. Most of the people passing through on their way north or south now bypass the downtown area. You also don’t have to wait fifteen minutes to find a break in the traffic before pulling out of the campground driveway. The heavy train traffic hasn’t changed, but for some reason I enjoy that.

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