Another Day at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Thursday February 11th 2021

In many ways, today was a repeat of yesterday. The weather pattern was the same. It began as with heavy fog in the morning with a sunny afternoon. The only variation was the weather’s commitment to its theme. The fog lifted a little quicker and the sun wasn’t quite as dominant. There were a few more clouds and stronger wind during the afternoon.

My activities also followed a familiar pattern. My first activity outside my RV home was a trip to the observation tower on the side of Paynes Prairie. The wild horses were a little closer today, but I still haven’t spotted the bison. A few more people were using the tower today so I didn’t hang around. It is far more enjoyable sitting at the top of the tower watching the prairie in silence without wearing a mask.

Wild Horses on the prairie

Back at my RV home this afternoon I watched some of the event in the senate on TV and got back to researching campgrounds to make reservations. Sunday I need to book another reservation for next winter and every day I don’t commit to reservations for this summer reduces my options. Possible pandemic travel restrictions and the desire to get a COVID vaccination before leaving Florida are a couple of the reasons behind my procrastination. Next summer looks like it is going to be similar to last year with many people new to RV travel competing for the available campsites.

The third similar activity of the day was my walk to the day use area on Lake Wauburg. The sun was setting across the lake. If I understand the weather forecast correctly, it may be well into next week before there is another reasonably pretty sunset. Everyone of the next seven days have rain or thunderstorms in the forecast.

Writing this blog and watching prime time TV are part of my daily routine, but they contribute to making today very similar to yesterday. Am I living in my own version of the movie Ground Hog Day? I’ll make a real effort to break the pattern tomorrow.

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