A Little Exploring at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Wednesday February 10th 2021

Today began with more dense fog. It was so thick that the dew built up in the trees and started to drip like the aftermath of a hard rain storm. I waited for the fog to lift before getting started for the day. Around noon the fog was gone and the sun was out in full force. The temperature got up well above normal to the low eighties. It was a beautiful afternoon. Tomorrow is forecast to start foggy again, but probably not as sunny in the afternoon.

When I finally got out of my RV home, I did some more exploring of the park. Today I took the Cones Dike Trail out into the prairie only to be met after a mile or two with a closed gate indicating the trail was closed do to wet conditions. It didn’t look very wet, but I turned around just as things started to get interesting. There were no wild horses, bison or alligators on the section of trail I walked. From the observation tower near the visitors center the wild horses were visible way out on the prairie in the other direction.

Wild horse out on the prairie as seen from the observation tower at the visitors center.

Later in the day I took another hike from my campsite to the day use area at Lake Wauberg. It was a more enjoyable walk with respect to scenery and animals. An armadillo even made an appearance.

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