Last Day at Lake Manatee State Park

Sunday January 10th 2020

Today began even colder than Saturday. The inside temperature was 49 at 8AM. The outside was likely a few degrees cooler. Unlike yesterday it was a bright sunny day with a very light breeze. It still took a long time to warm up to the day’s high in the low sixties. The average for this location at this time of year is another ten degrees higher around 72 degrees. Maybe tomorrow.

I needed to stock up on food today. Tomorrow is a travel day, so my next opportunity would be Tuesday or Wednesday. When did Sunday become the primary shopping day of the week? It sure seems that there are more people in the store when I shop on Sunday than other days of the week. Today Walmart was crowded inside and out. I had to park a long way away from the door, but the exercise is good for me. Inside the aisles were congested making it hard to maintain distance. The good thing is masks were being worn. Most of the checkout registers were staffed, but each had a line of three or more customers. It might have taken as long to checkout as I spent going up and down the aisles.

I took may last walk through the state park and down to boat launch this evening. Tomorrow I’m moving about seventy miles north to the greater Tampa area. I’ll be at another state park for two weeks. I’ll be back to this state park in seven weeks. Checkout time at both locations is 1PM, so I’ll need to leave here close to checkout time. That gives me plenty of time in the morning to pack up. Tonight I’ll make sure the dishes are clean and a few of the big things are put away.

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