Great Weather for Football Watching

Saturday January 9th 2021

Today turned into an inside day. The outside temperature remained in the low fifties and a wind out of the north kept the comfort level even lower. It was also an almost totally cloud covered day. The sun made a few random appearances for five to ten minutes at a time, but it wasn’t enough to raise the outside comfort level or heat the inside of my RV home. To add to my discomfort the wind direction was hitting my RV home just right to seep inside via vents and gaps in the slide room gaskets.

I know the fifties isn’t really cold. If I was still in New England, I’d be welcoming the temperature as a winter heat wave. Even a couple hundred miles north of here, I’d be satisfied with highs in the fifties. The problem in this area is the roller coaster we’ve been on. My body and mind don’t seem to get acclimated. One day it is in the high seventies and a few days later it is back in the fifties. It is hard to plan and hard to dress for the day.

Lucky for me there were plenty of football games on TV to keep my attention inside. This is wildcard weekend for the NFL. The games today have kept my attention. Tonight is the big game for people in this area. Tampa is playing Washington. It is the first play off appearance for the Bucs since 2007. The team is packed with talent. It will be interesting to see how far they get in the playoffs.

Today was only a one walk day. Between watching the games and cooking my evening meal, darkness arrived before I got out for the second walk of the day. It’s getting dark later, but not enough for today’s activity.

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