Still Getting into a Routine

Wednesday December 30th 2020

The first half of the day was dominated by bright sunshine and the second half was heavy cloud cover. Despite the changing sky the temperature reached the high seventies. It was a very nice day.

Stopped at Tom Bennett park in Bradenton to get my Heron viewing fix.

My primary goal for the day was grocery shopping. I achieved the goal, but didn’t have the most successful shopping experience. One of the things I really needed wasn’t in stock and I completely forgot a couple of other things. I’ll have to shop for groceries again next week even though I bought enough of most things for two weeks.

On the way to the grocery store from the state park there is a new traffic rotary or roundabout. There seems to be a trend in road design to use this device to manage traffic flow in place of stop signs or traffic lights. I remember a time in the last century when traffic engineers were busy replacing rotaries with intersections as a safer alternative. In the last few years I found many roads that the exact opposite is taking place. The thought seems to be that traffic gets slowed down, but not necessarily stopped so the overall flow is better. In my car I may agree, but in my motorhome navigating through a rotary is a blind spot nightmare. The “A” post on the driver’s side of my windshield blocks my view of the traffic in front going around the rotary very nicely. So are intersections better than rotaries or vice versa?


The state park continues to show evidence of a vacation period. The campsites are occupied by families with kids and the day use area is also busy. It is interesting to see people actually using the picnic tables and charcoal grills. They are usually ignored by the few people that wander trough the day use area.

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