Trying to Settle in at Lake Manatee State Park

Tuesday December 29th 2020

The temperature this morning was in the low fifties with very little wind and lots of sun. As the day progressed the wind increased out of the east and clouds moved in, but the temperature continued to climb. The high temperature for the day was near and unusually high eighty degrees. The temperature roller coaster car is climbing the hill before the big drop. Last weekend the high was in the fifties and the forecast for this coming weekend is similar. Better than ice and snow, but weird non the less.

Wildflower blossom of the day

The first day at a new campsite is dedicated to settling in. There are lots of subtle little things that I need to adjust to. The sun comes rises in a different location and the amount of foliage dictates how quickly it reaches my RV windows. The outside noise is different based on how close my neighbors are and how early the noisy park staff gets started. None of these things are real issues, they are just different from the last morning at the previous place. The bigger acclimation activity is associated with my daily routine. Do I take two walks a day? Where do I walk? It is a general adjustment to my daily routine.

At this park some of the acclimation is made easier by the fact that I’ve stayed here several times in the past. The time of year seems to be causing me more problems. Somehow with the Christmas holiday over followed by a relocation, I’m convinced the new year has already started. All of the families in obvious vacation mode staying in the park challenges that belief consistently. Maybe I’ll be settled in by tomorrow.

The ramp from the fixed dock to the floating dock is going up hill because of the water level in the lake.

One thing I notice on the first of my three walks today was the level of Lake Manatee. The man made reservoir for the Bradenton and Sarasota area is controlled by a dam. Today the water level is the highest I remember seeing it. At the boat launch the floating docks are at a higher level than the fixed docks. The transition ramp that usually goes down as you walk away from the shore is going up hill today. I assume the lake is just at its full stage, but it looks unusual.

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