Last Full Day at Myakka River State Park

Sunday December 27th 2020

Today was my last full day at Myakka River State Park. My two weeks is up tomorrow. I got my last day of bird and gator viewing in for this visit.

The weather improved a little today. The temperature peaked at seventy under a bright sky. The positive weather trend is forecast to continue through New Years Eve. The warmer weather allowed a few more gators to visit the river banks to take in the warm sun. There were still quite a few gators that only let their nose out of the water. The birds weren’t very active near the road and viewing area. I think the throngs of tourist may keep the birds in other areas. The park was just as busy today as it was on Saturday.

I got two long walks in today. The first was in the late morning on the trail along the Myakka River. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one on the trail. Several big noisy family units were also using the trail. Any chance of seeing birds on the near bank of the river were ruined by the other people on the trail. The birds on the far bank along with a couple of gators were scared off by a group of two kayaks and four standing paddle boards coming down the river. That group also was noisy.

The second walk of the day was at sunset. Even approaching darkness didn’t reduce the crowds much. The bridge over the Myakka River was still lined with gator watchers and a couple of fishermen. When a fishermen hooks a fish a race begins. Can he land the fish before the lurking gators get to it. Every time I’ve watched the fisherman wins, but the gator gets some exercise with a speed swim.

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