Lots of People Not a lot of Wildlife

Saturday December 26th 2020

The Florida cold snap continued today. With a stronger breeze out of the northeast the temperature peaked even lower than Christmas day. It only reached the low to mid fifties today.

Warmer in the water.

The weather didn’t deter the visitors to the state park. There were even more people clustered around at the various trail heads and wildlife viewing areas. I took one of the lesser used trails in hopes of getting away from the crowds. On the first few hundred yards of the trail I encountered several groups of people making enough noise to scare any wildlife foolish enough to still be in the area. I gave up on the idea of finding a peaceful place in the woods.

The temperature also kept the gators in the water. I saw plenty of alligator heads popping out of the river, but not of them were taking the sun on the river bank. The hoards of people didn’t seem to mind. They were gathered along the bridge pointing them out to each other while speculating on the gator’s size and intentions. These were the first alligators many of the people getting out of cars from places like Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota and New York ever came near.

I spent most of the afternoon in the warmth of my RV home watching a football game. It wasn’t the most competitive game, but there was a lot of scoring in the first half as Tampa beat Detroit 47 to 7. Just before sunset I took my second walk of the day to the river for wildlife viewing. Along the road leading to the bridge I was reward with an opportunity to watch several White Tail Deer along the side of the road. That made up for all the missed wildlife earlier in the day.

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