A Do Nothing Monday

Monday December 7th 2020

It rained most of the night. This morning it was in the low sixties inside my RV home and cloudy outside. The clouds with a little more rain thrown continued well into the afternoon. The high temperature for the day was a degree or two north of sixty. It cleared in time for sunset and to allow radiational cooling tonight. It is forecast to be in the high thirties overnight with tomorrow remaining below sixty degrees.

A gray day.

There wasn’t much about the day to encourage me to get up and moving. Before I turned the TV on this morning I thought it was Sunday. Somewhere over the weekend I lost track of the passage of time. The cold damp look out my windows kept me inside until after the lunch hour. I took my first walk of the day around the campground at 1PM. It looked like it was starting to brighten up, but before I completed the walk it briefly rained again. The second walk of the day at sunset was under a clear sky.

Inside my RV home I surfed the internet with the TV playing in the background. I got a steady diet of home improvement shows, old Christmas movies and even older game shows. I’ve heard several different ways to hang a window on the home improvement shows, got reminded of about how inexpensive product prices were in the 80s on the game shows and watched the same plot with different characters and subtle variations on multiple Hallmark Christmas movies. Even the actors play the same character using a different name on multiple movies. If you are supposed to lose the real person in the character to be immersed in a quality performance, none of these actors are going to win any awards.

Clear sky for sunset.

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