Lazy Sunday at the State Park

Sunday December 6th 2020

The day began bright and sunny allowing the temperature to rise from the high 50s overnight to the low 70s. In the early afternoon the rising temperature trend reversed with the arrival of clouds. Rain is expected overnight with the arrival of another cold front. The week ahead is forecast to continue the below normal temperature trend.

I spent the day wandering in the state park. The weekend days bring a lot of local families out to enjoy the park for hiking and picnicking. Today there was even some sort of coral or dance group practicing in one of the fields. All I know is there were a bunch of socially distanced kids dressed up in white robes and angel wings waving their hands.

One nice thing about today’s weather was the lack of wind. It made it possible to sit by the lakes watching the reflections and occasional wildlife in comfort. The lakes in the park don’t seem to be much of an attraction for birds, but today I spotted a couple of turtles taking the sun. In the past I’ve seen alligators in the lakes, so I know they are present. They just haven’t made an appearance since I’ve been here this year.

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