Travel Day to Port Canaveral

Monday November 16th 2020

The temperature cooled into the sixties overnight. It was refreshing morning with low humidity and bright sun. Overall it proved to be good weather for traveling for a change.

I spent the morning slowly getting ready to travel. The noon checkout time was in sight as I rolled out of the Compass RV Resort a little after 11:30AM. The only complication during my preparations was having to dodge the grass mowing crew, but that only lasted for a few minutes.

There were no issues on the 125 mile trip south on Interstate 95. As anticipated the traffic thinned out greatly south of Daytona Beach. I stopped at both rest areas along the way to stretch my legs and slow down my progress. The proscribed check in time is 2PM, but I’m pretty sure anytime after noon would probably be OK. I arrived at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral at 2PM almost to the minute.

This park is an odd mix of a public and private RV park. It is run by the Port Authority. They have an unusual set of COVID restrictions. I made my reservations last December long before the pandemic. They only had “semi-improved” sites with water and electric hookups available for the two week duration of my stay. They are currently limiting capacity, primarily by only using the full hookup sites. It is not possible to get a new reservation for a “semi-improved” or lesser featured site, but luckily they are honoring existing reservations in November and December. All of the check in was done on the phone last week. When I arrived at the gate they just handed me a packet and said follow the map to your site. In the past you had to visit the office to complete the check in process.

Site 121 at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral Florida.

I’m set up on my site for the next two weeks. I haven’t had a chance to really explore the park yet. The area with the majority of the “semi-improved” and “unimproved” sites is empty. The full hookup sites look to be fully occupied as I expected. The hours the day use and beach sections of the park are open is also limited. I haven’t walked over to the fishing pier or beach yet.

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