Another Do Nothing Kind of Day

Sunday November 15th 2020

I slept without the AC on for the first time in a while last night. It was in the sixties overnight. I only got up this morning when the sun had increased the inside temperature into the eighties. It was well after 9AM. That set the pattern for the day. It was a lazy do nothing kind of day.

The occupants of the campground turned over significantly today. The weekenders were all gone by the noon checkout time. Not long after that new residents started arriving. I suspect there is some form of motorcycle or more accurately Trike club gathering in the RV park this week. Two motorhomes towing trailers with three wheeled motorcycles arrived shortly after noon to sites near mine. Later in the day I noticed other similar trikes at other sites in the campground.

The neighbor on the other side of my site isn’t leaving anytime soon. It’s a young family that seems to be here for the long hall. They already have Christmas decorations up. It can’t be very comfortable in their trailer with 4 young kids and a cat along with the parents. An older couple that I suspect are the grandparents arrive during the day to add to the swarm of people going in and out of the trailer. I hope this is only a temporary housing situation.

Tomorrow I move on. I’ll be returning south about 100 miles to Port Canaveral. I’ll be back on my winter plan staying at Jetty park until the end of the month. The activity in the port is always interesting to watch. This time there won’t be any cruise ships, but there should be other types of traffic. I’m looking forward to my stay.

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