Travel Day to St. Augustine

Friday November 13th 2020

It was a cloudy, almost foggy morning. I couldn’t sleep in since today was a travel day. The sun was starting to break through as I pulled out around 11:30 for my ninety mile drive north.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

I selected St. Augustine to spend the weekend, because it was an easy drive. The other option I was considering was less distance, but required driving through a few heavily populated areas on surface streets. I will be at the Compass RV Resort until Monday. My usual stop in this area was full this weekend. I’ve stayed here before. It has more resort amenities with the higher price that goes with them. I don’t anticipate using any of them.

Packing this morning was a bit of a challenge. Two different neighbors picked this morning to startup a conversation or generally become a spectator to my travel preparations. It really slows the process down. I have to be careful not to forget to do any of the required tasks. With the interrupts, I find it necessary to go back and double and triple check various things. Hooking up the car was particularly difficult, because of the spectator and the unusually small amount of space to accomplish the task. I was successful, but not without more than a little anxiety.

Site 129 at the Compass RV Resort in St. Augustine Florida.

The drive north on Interstate 95 was uneventful. Traffic north of Daytona Beach was, as usual, very heavy. The added traffic from across the state on Interstate 4 really clogs the road. I arrived at 1:30PM and got setup for the weekend. The park was about half full when I arrived and filled up around me all afternoon. I’ll be here until Monday when I resume my Tropical Storm Eta interrupted reservations and travel.

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