Goodbye Eta

Thursday November 12th 2020

After more than a week in an elevated position on my concern scale, Eta is gone. The tropical system caused more destruction and at least one lost life in the last twenty four hours as it paralleled the west coast of Florida and then crossed the peninsular. I got lucky. There was some rain over night, but very little wind and this afternoon there were a few brief downpours. Forty miles to the north or fifty miles inland there was significantly more wind and rain. The storm is dumping rain on the Carolinas tonight as it moves northeast out into the Atlantic to dissipate.

I went for a drive this afternoon to checkout more of the area. In one residential area I found Christmas decorations. Several houses had reindeer, Santa, angels and other figurines of the Christmas season. I imagine there were plenty of lights as well. One resident getting a head start on the season is possible, but multiple houses already decorated makes me thing some kind of contest is underway. I know this is a strange year, but I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving is two weeks away and Christmas is a month after that.

Tomorrow I’m moving on for the weekend. I’ve been trying for a few days to extend my stay at this campground, but there is no availability for Saturday night. My next two week stay starts Monday about twenty miles south of here, but I’m going to have to move on for the weekend. Other campgrounds in the immediate area are either full or they weren’t answering their telephone. I found space available at two familiar campgrounds. One is fifty plus miles inland and the other is ninety miles up the interstate in St. Augustine. I’ve made a reservation in St. Augustine for Friday through Monday.

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