Exploring Curry Hammock State Park

Monday October 26th 2020

Overall today’s weather was OK. The daylight hours started and ended partly cloudy. During the middle of the day the clouds filled in, the wind came up and a couple of fast moving heavy downpours passed through the area. It wasn’t too hot, but it was very humid.

Beach area on the Atlantic Ocean

I spent time today exploring the area around the Curry Hammock State Park campground. The campground is located on an island called Little Crawl Key. Most of the island is partially flooded and filled with mangroves. The beach along the Atlantic Ocean is narrow with a lot of grass growing out of the sand. It isn’t really a beach for swimming or sitting either. What it is good for is launching water sports. At one point today there were seven kite boarders racing along at high speed and launching into the air for a stunt or two.

The day use area beside the campground usually rents kayaks to paddle around the island, but the concession is closed to support social distancing. Like at my last stop, it would have been nice to rent a Kayak on a calm day. A few people had brought their own, but the wind was better for the kite boarders than paddling today. This park is apparently “the spot” for kite boarding in the central keys.

Boarder is fifteen to twenty feet above the water.

Another storm was approaching the area as night closed in. It prevented the sun from providing a nice colorful departure for the day. I’d like to get a few nice sunset pictures while I’m here. Taking pictures may be one of my only diversions while I’m here. I don’t get any local over the air television channels and my internet access is limited. If it wasn’t for my satellite TV, I’d be doing a lot of reading when I’m not out touring.

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