Travel Day to the Florida Keys

Sunday October 25th 2020

Today was a travel day. It was also a rainy day which is not the best combination. It started to rain around 9:30 just as I planned to begin the outside packing tasks. I delayed a little, but eventually had to get wet. My biggest challenge was finding a place to hook up the car. Blocking a road for fifteen minutes or so with everyone trying to leave wasn’t didn’t make sense. I drove the car over to the kayak launch then brought the motorhome over to make the connection after I’d finished with the line for the dumping station. Of course, I got wet walking back from the kayak launch parking lot.

It was still raining when I got on the road around 11:30, but I drove out of the rain in about forty miles as I traveled east toward Miami. The day never became sunny. It looked like it could rain at any minute, but so far it hasn’t started to rain again.

Once I reached the eastern side of the Everglades in the Miami suburbs traffic became heavy. The roads I traveled today had many traffic lights and turning traffic. I try to keep extra separation from the cars in front to compensate for my longer stopping distance. In heavy traffic I always seem to get other cars that want to jump into the space between me and the car in front. It takes extra concentration to deal with that kind of traffic. Once I was on route US 1 known as the overseas highway as it crosses the keys, traffic was bumper to bumper heading back toward Miami. In my direction it was only a little bit better. Two weeks from know, I may be in similar traffic.

Site 3 at the Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon Florida.

I arrived at the Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon shortly about 3:30PM. The campground has about thirty sites along the Atlantic side om Little Crawl Key. My site is not directly along the ocean. It’s on the other side of the loop, but only about 200 feet from the water. I’m looking forward to exploring the park tomorrow.

Between writing the 2nd paragraph above and this closing sentence, it has started to rain.

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