Another Day Without Rain

Friday October 23rd 2020

I was on the edge of my seat all day waiting for rain, but it never came. This is the second day in a row without rain. Once again it went by to the south and the north. I don’t know if this is the random nature of the weather pattern or my reading the forecast wrong, but I’m glad it didn’t rain. Tomorrow has a similar forecast. I hope it has a similar outcome.

Changeable sky above the Kayak and Canoe launch on the Backwater River.
Two person kayak returning from a paddle to the ocean.

I took several walks to the Backwater River today separated by one drive into Naples. I didn’t see much in the way of wildlife or wildflowers on most of my excursions. There was something about today’s weather conditions that kept the birds away from the area. I usually see several egrets and an ibis or two in the marsh. Today I didn’t see them on any of the walks to the area.

A lurking gator at twilight.

On my last walk to the Backwater River kayak and canoe launch of the day the native alligator made an appearance. As night approaches the gator will leave the confines of the mangroves in search of food. A couple of nights ago it came out in response to some splashing in the water. Tonight it took an interest in a white dog that was getting walked out on the floating docks. In both cases it was the same drill swim rapidly into the vicinity of the noise than hover in the water with just its head out of the water watching. The dog’s people realized the risk they were putting their dog in and retreated to shore. The gator watched them all the way.

The campground filled up steadily as the afternoon progressed. For the first time since I arrived almost two weeks ago I have neighbors on both sides and across the street. It looks like the campground will be close to full this weekend. Departing Sunday morning may be a real competition for the dumping station.

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