A Break in the Rain

Thursday October 22nd 2020

I woke up this morning to sunshine. It looked promising that the streak of three days of rain was broken. The sun hung around for two thirds of the daylight hours before clouds started moving in from the east. So far, the precipitation that goes with the clouds has missed this area to the north and south.

Today was laundry day. This park has a washer and dryer at each restroom building. They even take credit cards. In this day of coin shortages it is nice not to have that concern. The down side is the washers only have cold water connections. You can select a warm or hot setting on the machine, but you’ll still only get a cold water cycle. It’s not a big deal for most of my laundry. Three hours later I was on to my next chore.

Clouds and storms to the south at sinset.

Since I was in a household chores mood, I followed the laundry with a little vacuuming and general cleaning. The last couple of days of dishes also got washed and put away. Everything is clean, but the place still looks lived in (cluttered).

The campground is starting to fill up for the weekend. It has been a lot quieter around here this week than last. The last couple of nights the park has been particularly empty. This afternoon about a dozen new residents have arrived. I suspect the park will be near full this weekend like it was last week. Since this is an older park without a lot of separation between sites it gets crowded and noisy fast.

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