Annoyed by the Heat

Wednesday October 7th 2020

It was another hot and humid day. Once again the temperature was near record highs in the area. Here it was in the low nineties with enough humidity to make it seem like it was near 100 degrees. The sun shined through the scattered clouds in this area, but the gulf coast was much cloudier once again.

I got a couple of short walks in around the park today. By mid afternoon the heat was starting to wear on me. I shut the windows and turned on the AC for the rest of the day. There are some things I’d like to do in the area, but they are outdoors. I know I’ll be back in this area again in December and next March, so I don’t need to force outdoor activities into hot days.

My next two stops on the Rambling Road Trip are further south in areas that I don’t return to regularly. That should be enough incentive to keep me going in the heat and humidity. I need to take the opportunity presented to see new things. This level of heat is more of a mental obstacle than a physical one.

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