The Weather is Getting in the Way

Tuesday October 6th 2020

The weather is getting in the way. Yesterday (Monday) morning it was partly cloudy and clearing at my campsite. I decided to visit some of the area along the gulf coast. It is about 25 miles to the west. With each mile toward the coast the cloud cover increased. By the time I reached the coast it was fully cloudy, visibility was low and rain was threatening. All I really did was drive a loop route and return to my RV home. It was still partly cloudy inland.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

I interpreted today’s forecast to be similar with a higher chance of rain. Ut couldn’t have been more different. The weather pattern was from southeast to northwest instead of southwest to northeast. The day started out with bright sunshine and a few fluffy clouds. It got very warm to go with the very high humidity. Some locations in the area set record high temperatures in the low nineties. It was very uncomfortable outside with very little air movement. The weather forecast during the morning news program called for strong thunderstorms starting around noon. One loud storm passed by to the west around 4PM. It dropped very little rain, but did cool things off a little.

Puffy clouds in the morning sky.

The bottom line is I let the weather or the anticipation of the weather dictate my activity over the last couple of days. All of the things I want to do are outside activities, so some concern about the weather is necessary. Tomorrow I’m going to ignore the forecast and see what kind of trouble that gets me into.

The campground was really empty this morning after a couple more of the weekend residents departed. There were only three of us left in this loop of 30 sites. There may have been a couple more in the other loop of 30 sites. Late this afternoon two more RVs arrived. Just my luck, one of them is on the site beside me.

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