A Rainy Dull Day

Sunday October 4th 2020

This was a dull day. It rained most of the night transitioning to showers as the morning came. The time between showers got longer as the day progressed. The one constant was the heavy cloud cover that kept it from becoming a bright and cheery day.

Blossom of the day from the edge of the lake.

I managed to get a couple of walks to the beach and boat launch on the lake in between showers. I was surprised to see a couple of families in the day use area enjoying picnic lunches. They could have found a better day. Even the birds, squirrels and gopher tortoises weren’t out in the park today.

The rest of my day was occupied with the football games on TV and the NASCAR race from Talladega AL. The finish of the super speedway race was very exciting with major crashes on several of the last laps leading to a photo finish. The football game I really wanted to watch between the Patriots and the Chiefs didn’t happen. It may be played tomorrow night, if COVID testing doesn’t find anymore positive players on the teams.

The campground is back to its quiet non weekend state. All of the weekenders packed up this morning between rain showers and headed for home. The dogs that announced my presence every time I stepped outside have departed with there people. There are two or three empty sites between me and my nearest neighbor. I’m looking forward to the quiet weekdays before the crowds return for next weekend.

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