RV Maintenance Tasks

Saturday October 3rd 2020

Today’s weather was on a downward trajectory. It was cloudy and cool this morning and ended warm, humid and rainy. The rain began as an occasional light shower around 3PM and progressively got harder and more persistent.

My focus for the day was on catching up on a few maintenance tasks starting with installing the new Carbon Monoxide and Propane Gas detector I bought yesterday. It didn’t go smoothly. I thought I’d bought the exact same model as the original, but it turns out to be a different model. This one is smaller and doesn’t fill the entire cutout in the wall. At this point, I’m not sure what to do. Did I buy an inferior model or is it a newer version of the five year old unit? Can I still buy the model I’m replacing? What is the difference between the two other than size? So far, the internet hasn’t helped.

On a more positive maintenance task, I fixed my leaky sewer hose. My fifteen foot “stinky slinky” hose developed a leak right in the middle. My solution was to cut the hose at the leak and make two shorter hoses. All I needed to do was add a couple of new connectors. I had one and bought the other yesterday. My fifteen foot hose is now one seven foot hose and one eight foot hose. I now have more options to deploy only the right amount of hose starting at eight feet and going up to over forty five feet. Believe it or not, I’ve needed that much hose and more before.

The third planed task was working on my RV water pump. I got a bought a replacement pressure switch awhile back but haven’t installed it yet. Today’s rain kept me from getting that task done. I was just starting to dig into the outside water compartment when the rain started. It will have to wait for another day.

College football games on TV and a few home improvement shows filled out my day.

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