Enjoying Nature in the State Park

Wednesday September 30th 2020

It is hard to believe the end of September has arrived. I’ve been back in the southeast for more than a month. For the first time today I really noticed the shorter days. The sun broke through the clouds for the first time today just after 6PM. It was dark from the sunset not much more than an hour later.

It was an overcast day. The high temperature never got out of the seventies and the humidity was gone. The cold front that brought the change stalled just to the south, so there was a lot of wind to go with the lower temperatures. Unfortunately, the front is forecast to back up tomorrow and bring more rain to the area.

I spent today enjoying nature along several of the trails in the park. The longest trail was a little muddy from the rain, but it was worth it. I saw lots of colorful wildflowers, many birds and a few mammals. The deer I startled ran away before I could get a picture, but the little rabbit seem to think it was invisible by playing statue. I got plenty of pictures of the rabbit.

Below are a selection of the pictures I took today.

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