Rainy Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday September 29th 2020

The first half of the day was bright and sunny. The sun warmed the humid air enough to produce many showers as the wind brought the moisture in off the Gulf of Mexico. From 1:30 on it has rained off and on. Sometimes it rained hard and sometimes just enough to keep everything wet. I tried to take an afternoon walk twice, but got chased back home by the rain after fifteen or twenty minutes each time.

This morning I got out to check what’s new in the local area. Development is getting closer to the location of the state park. Route 64 east of Interstate 75 has been improved to support new housing developments. In another decade development will have consumed the remaining three miles of the eight miles from the interstate. South of the state park on route 70 the next east west route development has also continued. On this route retail developments are being completed to support the housing construction that is already well underway. A new Publix supermarket will open soon.

I stopped at Walmart to pick up a new quality USB cable to keep my phone charged. I’ve been trying to make do with a cheap replacement cable, but the slightest motion of the phone or cable disrupts the connection. There is probably a broken wire in the cable. While I was in Walmart I picked up a few groceries including several things that need refrigeration. I returned to my RV home to get them safely into the refrigerator and got caught by the first rain storm.

The Major League Baseball Wildcard playoff series caught my attention on TV. It kept me entertained while it rained.

The rain didn’t bother this guy.

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