Watching the Rain

Tuesday September 15th 2020

I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof of my RV home. It wasn’t a heavy rain, but it was a steady rain. Shortly after noon a band of heavy rain passed through the area. For about an hour the volume of noise on the roof and volume of water falling from the sky were over the top, but it was followed by a period without any rain. After the lull it was back to steady rain. At least the wind isn’t bad yet. I suspect as the direction changes it may become more of a factor.

Water exploding out of a culvert under the road.

Hurricane Sally is continuing to be on a path around my location. It has been off to the southwest all day, but it is crawling along at a very slow speed. Tonight it has turned north toward Mobile Alabama about 200 miles west of here. Who knows how long it is going to take moving north before it turns back toward the east. Rain is in the forecast through Friday.

Water high on the banks of a runoff stream through the campground.

During the break in the rain I took a walk around the campground. There is plenty of standing water between the sites. For the most part, the roads and campsites are high enough to keep the standing water away. The campground is nestled on the side of Lake Seminole at the base of high hills. Water is running off the hills and down through the campground in several natural streams and cement lined drainage ditches. The rushing water has cut into the banks and widened the streams. It is really spectacular to see the destructive power of the water.

Inside during the rain I’ve been working on travel planning again. I booked another two weeks at the end of March and have started to explore ideas for next summer. Between now and he end of March I have one week in February that isn’t booked. For next summer, I’m exploring the idea of less travel. I working on the assumption that COVID will still be an obstacle to travel. Maybe I can find a place to stay for a couple of months instead of moving every week or two.

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