More Rain is Coming

Sunday September 13th 2020

It was one more sunny day with thunderstorms starting around 4PM. Today’s storms were a little stronger than the last few days. The tropical moisture off to the south feed the line of storms passing through the area. A severe storm warning was out for this area most of the late afternoon.

My RV home after all of the weekend visitors checked out of the park.

Tropical storm, soon to be hurricane Sally is going to do a “do-si-do” with this area according to the current forecast. It will pass south of here a hundred plus miles away going east to west, then turn north near New Orleans followed by a turn back to the east once its another hundred plus miles north of here. My location is completely out of the cone of uncertainty and all of the tropical system warnings. The forecast calls for another three to five inches of rain in this area.

Assuming things don’t change overnight, I plan to stay here. Any of the places I might move to are going to be getting heavy rain as well. Who knows how well a different location will deal with all the rain. Here, I’ll probably be on a little island surrounded by standing water. The grass area on the uphill side of my campsite fills with water during each thunderstorm, but it drains quickly when the storm ends.

Standing water beside my campsite toward the end of today’s big thunderstorm.

I watched some NFL football on TV today. Thankfully, the announcers weren’t as fixated on COVID issues as the broadcasters during yesterday’s college games. None the games I had access to were of specific interest. They were just enjoyable games. One thing I observed along the COVID lines was different compliance with masks by the coaching staffs on different teams. As I understand the protocol all of the coaches must wear masks at all times. On some teams, the coaches on the side lines had the masks down around their necks not on properly. I wonder if the NFL will fine them. They put a lot of effort into developing and reaching agreements on a safe protocol. You would think following it would offer the best chance of completing the season without major disruptions.

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