Travel Day to Forsyth Georgia

Monday August 17th 2020

I was up early this morning to get started on my travel day. Crossing into the eastern time zone was going to steal an hour from my travel day and I had two cities to navigate. One was the medium sized city of Chattanooga and the other was the Mega Metropolis of Atlanta. I was on the road by 8:45AM. That was one of the only things that went according to plan.

The biggest annoyance of the day was my travel entertainment. My radio/CD player/Bluetooth speaker/navigation system was acting up again. Lately, it gets into a mode where it is continuously restarting. Power is probably dropping out to the unit causing it to restart, but it isn’t consistent so is hard to fix. Today was one of those days that it didn’t want to stay running. I stopped at the first rest area and tried to get it going without success. As I continued on my journey I let the unit keep trying to restart while I listened to every little squeak, screech, grind, bang and clank from the RV as the motorhome moved down the road. After about an hour the radio miraculously stayed on and started to play my audio book. It was fine for the rest of the journey.

The other big annoyance was a navigation error. To get from the north side of Atlanta to the south side there are three options. I could take Interstate 75 right through the middle or I could take the Interstate 285 beltway around the city. If it were a weekend day I’d probably take Interstate 75 through the middle of the city. On a weekday shortly after the lunch hour I thought it was prudent to take the beltway. Interstate 285 around the west side of the city works out to about 4 miles longer according to Google. The east side beltway is ten to fifteen miles longer. Approaching the intersection there were four lanes heading for the Interstate 285 beltway. I was in the far right lane assuming it would be the lane for the west side beltway. I didn’t really pay attention to the signs. For some strange reason of highway overpass design the two right lanes crossed over the two left lanes after they divided and I was headed on to the east side beltway. In a car I might tried to find an exit and reverse direction, but in the big RV it’s easier to just keep going.

Site 119 at the Forsyth KOA.

After an annoying rain shower on the east side beltway I rejoined Interstate 75 south of Atlanta and continued on my way south. I arrived at my overnight stop in Forsyth Georgia at 2:30PM. The Forsyth KOA is a good location for an overnight stop just north of Macon Georgia that I’ve used before. Tomorrow my journey to the sea continues.

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