Back East of the Mississippi

Sunday August 16th 2020

A strong line of thunderstorms passed by shortly before dawn. The sound of rain on the roof and thunder in the sky drowned out the sound of the air conditioner that was necessary to keep the temperature under control with all the windows closed. It was over by the time I got up shortly after 7AM.

My early start to the day was intended to help get on the road earlier than normal for my travel day to the east. I didn’t make my 9AM goal, but I was on the road 9:45AM. The first order of business was topping off my fuel tank with Arkansas cheaper gas. It only took seventeen gallons of gas in the nearly 80 gallon tank to fill the tank.

Interstate 40 through Memphis and the next 170 plus miles was an easy drive. Traffic wasn’t bad and the road was in good condition. The Interstate 840 outer belt south of Nashville was another story. The road has some serious bridge transition issues and a few unexplained dips where the road surface seems to have collapsed. My motorhome shocks got a real exercise. Two years ago I vowed not to take 840 around Nashville again. I broke that vow today because I was heading south out of Nashville on Interstate 24. After all, I rationalized, they had two years to fix the issues. Wrong again.

The only real traffic I encountered all day was on the section of Interstate 24 heading south from Nashville toward Chattanooga. There were many trucks surrounded by lots of cars. Once the road transitioned into two lanes it really got slow. Having to go around trucks going up hill in traffic can be a challenge in the big motorhome.

Site 10 at the Manchester KOA.

I pulled into the Manchester KOA in Manchester Tennessee for the night after 280 miles at 2:45PM. This is the first time in fifteen months my RV home has been parked east of the Mississippi. While I enjoy my time in the western states, I still identify as an easterner.

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