A Monday for the Birds

Monday July 27th 2020

The weather trend continues. The day was partly cloudy and humid with a temperature around 90 before the humidity gets added in. Tomorrow is forecast to begin a change to cooler wetter days.

With the weekend crowd gone, it has become a nice quiet place. Early in the day a few fishermen launch boats into the river. By mid day they have all returned to shore and departed. Another wave of fishermen launch boats late in the day for the evening. In between even the activity on the river is quiet. All in all, it is a relaxing atmosphere.

Other than a brief drive around the local area, I spent most of the day enjoying the quiet campground. For a while I sat on the bank of the river and watched the birds and dragon flies that are almost as big as the birds. At one point I was rewarded with a visit from a Great Blue Heron. It flew overhead and landed on the shore of a little island in the river. I really like the Great Blue Heron. It is very regal and more fun to look at than the Canadian Geese.

Great Blue Heron

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