Sleepy Sunday

Sunday July 26th 2020

Today was a repeat of Saturday in so many ways. The day began with cloud cover and ended partly cloudy with lots of humidity. The only real weather difference was a couple more degrees on the temperature scale.

I did pretty much the same thing as Saturday. It was a relax around the campground day. Today I watched all the weekenders pack up and leave. The neighbors across the street with four barking dogs were a welcome departure. Starting around 6:30 in the morning one of the dogs would start barking at anything passing by on the road. Not to be left out the other three joined in the noisy serenade. I don’t think the humans in the pack had a clue.

I don’t think the geese were socially distancing.

This park has a very late checkout time of 3PM. Some people took advantage of every minute of it, but most of the weekenders were gone by noon. The Canadian Geese seemed to now when the park thinned out. They seem to materialize out of nowhere to wander through the empty sites foraging for food. The most I’d seen was a group of six geese before this afternoon. There must have been twenty or more visiting geese this afternoon.

The campground is far from full tonight, but the sites along the river near me filled up again before dark. I imagine there will be a lot of empty sites until Friday when the next weekend crowd arrives. This park is a very popular weekend spot for locals.

Blossom of the day.

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