Another Grocery Run

Friday May 15th 2020

The full sun was back today and the wind wasn’t blowing as hard as yesterday. The end result was a warmer day in the low 90s. The temperature trend is upward until Monday before it drops again.

I didn’t take my morning walk. Instead, I headed into town after breakfast. My destination was Walmart for groceries. It has been three weeks since my last visit to the nexus of the virus phobic and fearless fools. They still have the provisions for controlling the number of people in the store, but their capacity must be pretty high. The store had lots of customers. Less than half had masks.

The only thing new from my last visit were direction arrows on all the aisles. They don’t seem to make any difference. I think more people were going against the arrows than with. Even the Walmart employees with their blue pickup carts weren’t following the arrows. I called one of them on it, who was being particularly obstructive. His response was some garbage about his computer tells him where to go. How can the store expect anyone to follow the directions if its own employees don’t.

The meat and paper goods sections were the only significantly under stocked areas. Other than ground beef, there wasn’t any beef on the shelves. There seemed to be a fare selection of pork and lots of chicken. I found enough product to restock my freezer. In the paper goods area I found paper towels for the first time in three visits during the pandemic. I still haven’t found toilet paper. I’m going to have to be more persistent in my search. I’m down to about three weeks of supply.

On my afternoon walk around the park, I discovered the new summer residents. The rabbits have arrived. I’ve seen one or two while I’ve been here, but today they were all over the place. I probably saw a dozen scattered around the park.

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