Getting Hitch Itch

Thursday May 14th 2020

It was a partly cloudy day which kept the temperature right around 90 degrees. It was a very comfortable day.

Today’s blossom picture.

I’ve got a bad case of hitch itch, the desire to hitch up the towed car to the motorhome and hit the road. This morning, before I was really out of bed, another neighbor hooked up and departed. This place continues to empty out. My departure count down is now at one week. I am looking forward to staying at places that have more access to nature and opportunities to hike.

My plan is to be as flexible as possible this summer. I’ll try to lock in reservations two weeks to a month out. That allows me to figure out what’s open and what travel restrictions might be in place. It seems to be a good decision. I’m currently booked through June 8th in Cottonwood AZ. Options for my next stop are opening up every day. The Lake Powell area is already open and the Grand Canyon is starting to reopen. They may not have available reservations and restrictions might make them a bad choice, but they are back on the list of possible destinations. I am also exploring a few other options in Arizona for the second half of June. My first real challenge may be Fourth of July weekend.

I still have four reservations in Wyoming and Colorado that I will probably cancel. My evolving plan is to head toward the east along the Interstate 40 corridor over the course of the summer. I have been doing some research on places in Tennessee for late August into September, but everything depends on how a little virus twists the world into chaos.

Today was another two walk day. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking the morning walk before breakfast. During last weeks triple digit temperature days it was the only real time to walk before sunset. Today I could have taken the walk at anytime.

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