Slow, Lazy and Hot Day

Tuesday May 5th 2020

It was another slow lazy day. This blog entry will not have much content. The Phoenix high temperature was in the triple digits today. In this location about fifty miles south and a little east the high didn’t break the century mark, but it was still hot.

On my morning walk I was rewarded by one cactus blossom. When I first spotted the blossoms a few days ago it was a little later in the morning. With the current temperatures, I’m not going to be walking later in the morning. Driving to take a couple of cactus blossom pictures seems a bit extreme, but that may be what it will take.

On the last couple of late evening walks I’ve watched the moon get bigger in the eastern sky. The full moon isn’t until later in the week, but I went back out after dark to take a couple of pictures of the moon.

Tonight’s moon and it isn’t even full yet.

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