A Quick but Unproductive Day

Monday May 4th 2020

I was up early enough to get in my morning walk around the RV park before the temperature started to climb. The cactus blossoms weren’t cooperating today. None of the blossoms were fully open. I don’t understand what conditions cause the blossoms to open or how many days they open before they’ve achieved their purpose. It looks like there should be more blossoms opening in the next few days, but that’s a guess.

Rabbits are replacing the people in this RV park.

The day passed quickly. I got engrossed in trying to re-plan my summer travels. With less than three weeks left on my stay here in the Arizona Desert, I need to make up my mind. Over the weekend I was convinced the solution was to catch up with my original set of reservations in Wyoming at the middle of June. Today I’m rethinking that approach. The ideal solution given the circumstances would be to find a place to stay for a month or two. It would have to be in an area with outdoor things to do preferably at altitude or in a northern climate. After a day of research, I don’t have an answer. I just have a few more ideas and a few more unknowns.

While I was doing my research I got a message canceling another one of my May, early June reservations. Things are opening back up but not at a consistent pace. It is also may take longer than anticipated. Bouncing my travel options against the various state travel restrictions is daunting. New Mexico has closed all roads in and out of the community of Gallup. I fear that more of that approach to limiting the impact of the virus will become the norm. It might have value containing the virus, but it makes travel into and through an area problematic.

There are still more unknowns than knowns. The result is that flexibility is required. To be flexible I need knowledge. To get the knowledge, I need to continue my research.

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