Another Neighbor Heads for Home

Saturday April 4th 2020

There was nothing to complain about today’s weather. It was a repeat of Friday with just enough wind to keep the bright sun from overheating the area. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties.

Walking in the undeveloped area outside the RV park.

I woke up this morning to find my rear neighbors had departed for their home state of Colorado. They had been packing a little bit each day for the last week or so. It seemed like they would pack for the first two hours of the day then rest the remainder of the day. Yesterday, they really got busy and loaded there little Smart Car into the back of the Fifth Wheel. That was an interesting sight. Think about a minnow swimming up the back end of a whale.

Most of the RVs remaining in the RV park are here for the duration. They are either full timers like me, come from states in bad shape or have too far to travel. Basically, they are allowing common sense to dictate that they stay put. Right now California to the west of Arizona and New Mexico to the east both have stronger stay at home measures than Arizona. Finding places to stop while traveling through the state might be difficult. In Utah to the north, it depends on the county. Some areas are very anti traveler and others have much weaker stay at home policies. Arizona still seems to be in the middle of the pack in terms of directed stay at home rules.

The entrance to the RV park looks like an oasis in the desert.

Today was a two walk day. My mid day walk extended into the undeveloped area outside the RV park walls. Once I was in the middle of nowhere I realized I was wandering in a desert without water, so I returned to the RV park. I’ll be equipped with water next time I venture out.

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